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Qld Coastal Plumbing are the blocked drain Gold Coast specialists, a team that is reliable, professional, and affordable. We service the whole of the Gold Coast with our blocked drain plumbers and offer a same day service as well as weekend work to get your water system working again

Toilet repair or replacement

If you’re honest with yourself, and you’re like most Australians, you probably hate your toilet. You wish it was taller, wider, shorter, thinner, greener, warmer, or any of a million other things. That’s natural. You spend a good deal of time using the toilet and it might as well be the best it can be, right? Qld Coastal Plumbing  thinks so and knows that the majority of issues people have with their plumbing have to do with the toilet. So, thinking about replacing it or getting it repaired so it’s no longer a nuisance is a good idea and should be entrusted to the very best plumber possible

No matter what issue you’re facing, or what your major issues with your particular model is, we can help you either replace the fixture entirely, or repair it until working as intended with no more issues whatsoever. We’re experts and equally comfortable with both options. If it’s a worry over expense, we can rebuild it for far less than buying new, or we can offer a lower-cost alternative to the expensive models. At the end of the day, it’s whatever you want when dealing with Qld Coastal Plumbing. Call 1800 367727 to speak with our expert team today.

Tap repair or replacement

Traditionally, the kitchen, bathroom, or shower taps are nondescript and utilitarian at best, ugly at worst. Thankfully, that’s all changed today. In fact, tapware have become one of the best ways to show off your individuality and taste – not to mention get some really great features too. Yes, the modern tap is anything you want it to be – wand, sprayer, purifier, and even hands-free! If you can dream it up, there’s a good chance a designer has already done so and it’s available on shelves now.

At Qld Coastal Plumbing, we think of ourselves as the tapware specialists. It’s one of the jobs we love to do because it gives us a chance to put a smile on our customer’s face every single time. It never gets old to see their delight when the job is done and they have the taps they’ve always wanted – or, if they had an issue we resolved, a tap that really works. It’s relatively quick, won’t break the bank, and as easy as calling 1800367727 today.

5 signs your tap is on the way out

Leaking taps might seem like an easy DIY fix, but beneath your worn out washers, there could be something more sinister going on.

Getting a professional opinion could mean the difference between a small drip and a large disaster, so it’s always good to play it safe.

Our Service Team have 5 handy tips to tell if your tap needs replacing.

  • 1. Disturbing Drips

    A slow leaking or constantly dripping tap can waste up to 2,000 litres of water a month. We’ve all been driven mad by the sound of an eternally dripping tap while we try and drift off to sleep. If you find yourself trying to turn the tap tighter to stop the dripping, it might be time to fix your tap. Depending on the age and condition of your tap, it could be cheaper to replace it than fix it.
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  • 2. Inconsistent Water Flow

    When it comes to water flow, your tap and shower should be consistent. If your water flow seems jolted, you might have a blockage and the tap may need to be flushed out. Over time, mineral deposits from hard water build up and rust starts to form which can affect your water flow and pressure. Call today

  • 3. Worn Out Washers

    Our team of plumbers fix thousands of taps every year and more often than not, the common culprit behind leaking taps is a damaged or eroded washer. In older taps, the rubber washers tend to wear out quicker than newer, ceramic washers and often when the washer goes, it’s a sign that the other parts need changing. Before you reach for your wrench, get a professional opinion.
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  • 4. Cracked Handles

    Modern taps and faucets tend to be quite well made and can usually last around 10 years. When the finish starts wearing away and the handles become discolored or cracked, it’s generally a warning sign that your taps washers, O-rings, screws, clips, and valve assembly might need replacing.
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  • 5. Screeching Tap

    If your tap screams or whistles when you turn it on, this sound might be a signal that something more serious is happening in your pipes and it’s time to call a plumber. As rubber washers wear out, they tend to make a screeching noise when water passes through them. In some cases, residue build-up can damage the washer seat and restrict the water flow.

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