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Specialists in Drain Blockages

Here at Queensland Coastal Plumbing, we have over 30 years of experience in the plumbing industry so we understand the impact blocked drains can have on you. Blocked shower drains, blocked toilets, or a slow draining basin or sink, blocked drain can seriously inconvenience your life and badly damage your home. And almost always happens at the worst time possible.

Some of the most common causes of a blocked drain nightmare are when fat, grease, paper, food scraps, rubbish, and other debris build-up and cause blockages. Luckily, that’s no big deal for our fully licensed and insured trades professional that fixed the problem. We take pride in our quality workmanship that guarantees peace of mind on our services and job done.

At QCP, unblocking drains is our specialty. With our Gold Coasts blocked drains plumbers expertise, qualifications, technology and years of on-the-job experience, we know exactly how to unblock every drain, efficient pipe relining, and fix every plumber issue that caused it.

We service the whole of the Gold Coast with our blocked drain plumbers and offer a same-day service as well as weekend work to get your drainage system working again.

Same Day service

No call out fee

Upfront pricing

Fully licenced and insured

Minimal impact on our clients

Affordable pricing

Blocked Toilet

A blocked toilet can be the first sign of trouble in your sewer system. In the event that a blocked sewer drain is the cause of your blocked toilet and shower sink , Qld Coast Plumber will offer repairs and ensure that the drain cleaning is fixed at the tree root of its cause.

Always ensure that foreign objects are not flushed down your toilets, shower waste or you have sewer or storm-water blockages. Contact and call our Gold Coast blocked plumbers at the first sign of a blocked toilet so our experts can efficient diagnose and repair the problem.

Blocked Sewer Drain

A blocked sewer drain is one of the most inconvenient emergency plumbings problems faced by both domestic and commercial clients here on the Gold Coast. Blocked drains gold coast plumber offers blocked drain clearing service

If you detect a bad smell in or near your bathroom,  have recurring blockages, overflowing drains blocked sewer excavations, or notice sewer material coming back up through the pipes, you may need a Jet Rodder & CCTV drain service to clear your blocked drain and prevent further damage. We are a professional team with fast & effective cleaning for sewers, drains pipes. They have a designed drain camera to record CCTV drain footage and to establish what is causing the blockages.

Clogged or Slow-Moving Drains


When it takes longer than usual for water to drain away, and/or you notice water building up in your drain, it may be a sign of other blocked drain problems. Our Jet Rodding & CCTV drain specialists clear blocked drains or slow moving drains and perform the required maintenance to prevent the problem from reoccurring.

Blocked Stormwater Drain

One blocked drain problem that is all too common here in the Gold Coast, is blocked stormwater drains. The potential causes are numerous, from gathered leaves, roots and sediment, to old pipes and storm damage. Whatever the cause, a blocked stormwater drain is a serious issue that can create significant damage to your property.

If you notice pooled water, leaking gutters, leaking down pipe, or wet patches on the wall or ceiling, blocked storm water is the prime suspect, drains gold coast Plumbers offers blocked drain clearing services. Luckily with our Jet Rodding & CCTV Gold Coast plumbers experts at Qld Coastal Plumbing services can be with you in a flash to repair your blocked drains and clear blocked drains pipes to fix the problem on drainage solutions and prevent damage to your home or business. We generally use an electric eel or high-pressure water jetting is efficient for the storm drain system. You can contact our local expert for its service. We have a very professional service at reasonably priced.

Main Drainpipe and Floor Drain Blockage

Common in buildings where the plumbing system has not been maintained, main drainage pipe and/or floor drain blockages are a sign that your plumbing needs are on their last legs. Over time, the two main drain pipe that carry water and waste away from a premises (the surface/storm water drain and the sewer drain or in the kitchen sink) can become blocked. This prevents water and waste from being carried away, resulting in a backup of water in your floor drains.

Here at Qld Coastal Plumbing, using a piece of equipment our Jet Rodders & CCTV cameras can quickly locate, inspection and assess the status of your main drain pipe and floor drains to determine the best job and cost-effective solutions, no dig pipe repair or course of drain repair. Pipe relining is the solutions. As with all Qld Coastal Plumbing company blocked drain clearing Gold Coast services, we professional that work quickly, cleanly, and guarantee the value and efficiency of our job when you call our team.

 pressureJet Rodding & CCTV Services

Want to ensure a high-quality drain cleaning job? Book a 5000psi high-pressure water jetter to clear your blockages. Want to guarantee the workmanship and sure the blockage has been fully cleared? Book a jetting CCTV drain camera to carry out an inspection after the jetter and see for yourself.

We won’t just identify the blockages and check it’s completely solved afterwards, we even offer you efficient and fully documented reporting if required for property sales, insurance claims, council submissions, and more. We are professional that stand by our work ensuring that with Queensland Coastal Plumbing company, your value-for-money service is second to none. With our industry-leading equipment, we can identify the solutions and repairs any issue you have, big or small.

Our high-quality drain camera identifies broken pipes, tree roots and many other complex blockages, and at 5000psi there’s not much our high pressure water jetter cant clear. That’s over 3x a standard water pressure jetting washer!

Blocked Drains FAQs

Should I try to unblock a drain myself?

Drains can become dirty and clogged and in some cases, they might seem nearly impossible to fix. That is never the case for Queensland Coastal Plumbing as we have a wide range of tools and techniques that are proven to clear even the most serious of blocked drains.

How do I know If I have a blocked drain?

Blocked drains present in a variety of different ways and aren’t always as simple as follow the mess.

  • Noisy drains
  • Bad smells
  • Inconsistent drainage
  • Slow draining

These can all be clear indication of a blockage building that could cost you big time. Call the team at Queensland Coastal Plumbing and we can fix that issue before it bubbles over.

What are Common causes for blocked drains?

Diagnosing drain problems is inherently challenging, as drains almost always run underground, or in very inaccessible areas. There is no “one size fits all” and can be dependent on the area in which you live.

Luckily Queensland Coastal Plumbing are locally owned and know the Gold Coast better than anyone. Whether its;

  • Palm or tree roots
  • Grease build up
  • Poor ventilation
  • Aged septic systems

Or anything else. The team at Queensland Coastal Plumbing will provide a high quality drain clearing solution and on the spot quote to resolve your issues.

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