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Qld Coastal Plumbing are the Backflow plumbing Gold Coast specialists, a team that is reliable, professional, and affordable. We service the whole of the Gold Coast with our Backflow plumbers and offer a same day service as well as weekend work to get your backflow prevention devices working again

Backflow Prevention Services

There are a number of steps you can take to ensure that the water supply for your home is protected. One of these measures is backflow prevention.

The reason that backflow prevention is so important to your property is that when backflow occurs, it leaves contaminated water in your lines.

Here at Qld Coastal Plumbing, we can provide you with annual testing and maintenance, and in the case of an emergency, backflow device repairs.

We are dedicated to making sure that your backflow prevention system is working properly and that your drinking water supply flow is properly protected.

At Qld Coastal Plumbing we provide the following backflow services:

Repairs and Replacements

A faulty backflow prevention valve can pose a health risk, reduce your drinking water pressure and cost you money through leaks or government fines.

Qld Coastal Plumbing can quickly repair and rebuild any make and model with original manufacturer components to minimize your liability.

When a full replacement is cheaper, we’ll install a new government approved backflow prevention device model and properly file it with the local authority.

Annual Testing

Every twelve months, your backflow valve must be tested and filed with the local authority.

Our certified backflow testers perform timely annual inspections and file all the paperwork for you.

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