Living in a house has its ebb and flow. When moving into a house, people are mainly concerned about the idea of designing the rooms and buying the right furniture. Then, the plot twists into the idea of maintaining the area clean. Vacuuming the rooms, cleaning the bathroom, and fighting on who does the washing-up more often. 

But, what if one day you wake up to see your whole house floating? Being a plumber of your own who has to repair the pipes and fittings of water supplies might not be your cup of tea. 

Don’t worry, here are some basic tips which help to steer clear of plumbing heebie-jeebies: 

Find out where the shut-off valves are placed

When you first move to a new house make sure you know where the shut-off valves are placed. It is important to know where to run to if a sudden dripping problem appears. This is an easy step to get rid of a problem at least for a short time till you get to repair the system. The valve will stop the water flow in your house completely. Until then, shut it off and discover what the real problem is. 

Know how to unclog the drains

Sooner or later your drains are going to be clogged, and that’s inevitable. Especially in the bathroom where hair falls out and collects in the drains each time you take a shower. When you notice that the drains have been clogged, do not, we repeat, do not use any of those clog liquid cleaners because the situation can get even worse. The right thing to do is use proper plumbing equipment, like the snake, to clean the pipes that are blocked. 

Monitor the water pressure

To have a healthy plumbing system you should monitor the water pressure often. This is easily done by using a measuring instrument or installing a smart system to monitor the water pressure. By doing so, you are aware of any defects and track the leaks. 

Be aware of your toilet

Pay attention to what you flush in your toilet. Make sure you only flush down the toilet paper and your waste. Flushing hair, paper towel, moist towelettes, earbuds, lead to clogged drains. Also, check your toilet often to see if there is a leak, and this can help you avoid other problems with the tubs.

Take care of the gutters

Gutters play a significant role in keeping the water out of your house. But, if the gutters get clogged then the water will eventually get inside the house and that would be a real nightmare for a homeowner. The water damages everything in the house, so make sure you clean the gutters at least twice a year to avoid such problems. 

Be gentle with the garbage disposal

Although having the garbage disposal as a tool in your kitchen helps a lot with the garbage, it still can’t withstand everything. You shouldn’t put oils or any fats in the drains just because you have this tool because fats stiffen after a while and pile up in the pipes. For this reason, make sure you run cold water in the drains for a few seconds before you start doing anything. Also, when you finish your work there, continue running cold water for a few seconds again.

Keep your pipes safe from the cold

Your pipes need to be winterized if you live in an area that gets cold in the wintertime. To avoid pipes bursting your house at a temperature of 60 degrees, especially if you won’t be around the house for a while. Burst pipes frequently happen when people are away from home for a while, so to save some money and avoid trouble, try keeping your house warm even when away. 


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